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Located off the sunny city of Townsville, Magnetic Island is an island getaway dream destination with no shortage of things to do, natural wonders to explore and places to stay. Our top attractions and activities include:

  • Hire a car and take a day trip exploring Magnetic Island’s most scenic beaches and historical hiking trails
  • Ride a jetski or enjoy a day of snorkelling on Horseshoe Bay
  • Brave the scenic Nelly Bay to Arcadia Trail
  • Enjoy a Pro Dive experience off Magnetic Bay’s coast
  • Enjoy Nelly Bay’s shopping and tourist district
  • Spend the nights on the waterfront in one of 160 Magnetic Island accommodation options.

The best way to get to Magnetic Island is to take a ferry from Townsville. You have two ferries available to you. The Magnetic Island ferry takes just 25-minutes (for passengers only) or 45-minutes if you wish to take your car. Meanwhile, the Sealink ferry also gives you the option to travel from Townsville to travel as a passenger. Simply leave your car on the mainland at Breakwater Ferry Terminal in Townsville.

Magnetic Island is an island 8 kilometres offshore of Cleveland Bay from the city of Townsville, Queensland, Australia. It is considered a suburb of Townsville.

Magnetic Island is 52 sq. km (20.1 sq mi) of mountainous island.

As a suburb of Townsville and only 10km north of the city, Magnetic Island is administered by the Townsville City Council.

Magnetic Island is steeped in history. When Captain Cook had passed the island on his voyage in June 1770, the island had a magnetic effect on the ship’s compass. He then dubbed it ‘Magnetical Island or Headland’ in his journal. He dictated that the compass “‘would not travis well when near it”.

With over 160 scenic shoreline holiday units and villas on offer, you’re bound to find magnetic island accommodation that satisfies your requirements. Our diverse range of accommodation range from romantic beachside apartments for couples, magnetic island hotels, isolated luxury villas, budget holiday lets to spacious family homes with all the modern amenities to keep the kids entertained.

We are Magnetic Island’s No.1 accommodation provider, overseeing properties exclusively managed by our experienced hospitality team. As Magnetic Island experts, we not only have the best accommodation on offer, but can provide you with a wealth of knowledge to get you where you need to be. Our head office is only meters from the ferry, and provides free transfers to your accommodation.

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